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18 July 2010 @ 08:57 am
The question for right now: Sydney, or Adelaide, or Adelaide and then Sydney, or Melbourne again and then Sydney, or somewhere else and then Sydney, or the third or fourth or fifth option without the Sydney? The problem with 'without the Sydney' is that I do not get to the Sydney Observatory without going to Sydney.

It is a choice I shall have to make in the next couple days. Then, more choices!

Like I said. Adventuresome. A friend wants me to write about this in a more public place. We shall see. The photos, though, will appear pretty soon. Maybe when I am paying less for internet. (Like. Nothing. Paying for coffee and not for internet is something I am looking forward to.) [I am not paying for internet for these purposes, I am posting here because I had to pay for a certain amount of time and it was absolutely necessary for other reasons. La.]

Ahoy, adventure!

Did I mention that the stars are different? I am more than ten thousand miles away from home, and the stars are different.

More later.
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30 June 2010 @ 02:12 am
This is what we did the other night.Collapse )

I might leave it at that, except.

Anyhow, that's me, Alex, and Noam, playing with the lone LED, a glowstick, and Alex's LED rope dart, respectively.

Myself, my friend Alex, friend Naomi, and other of Alex's AHA! (All Hands Active) hackerspace people and other friends, some of whom I'd met before, ventured around dark town to find a place ideal for urban light painting. We ended up on not-entirely-deserted railroad tracks and danced with light and cameras for a while, tried kindly to rope in some passerby, some of whom were, until some of us left and others returned to the hackerspace, gazed in fascination and plotted (me), tried not to fall asleep and found the Nice power source (Nima), played guitar and helped with dremeling (Lu), took apart a toy keyboard (Alex), and planned some Language Sandboxes, which promise marvelousness indeed. The first is tomorrow (the tomorrow wot is technically today); I am looking forward to it.

Now, people just need to get back here to share their knowledge with us while we drink and eat and learn things, and I need to stretch out the time as best I can before mid-July.

(We played with light on railroad tracks, yeah.)
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24 April 2010 @ 08:19 pm
I was going to revise my paper right now, or study for EECS, but I am eagerly awaiting the end of this academic semester and I need some awesome. Thus, linkspam.

This is one of many reasons a certain retired-UM linguistics professor is one of the coolest people ever. (See his website for even more varied awesome.)

Gorgeous pictures of food, With Recipes. Thanks to my friend Nico.

I don't know if these are the six most badass stunts ever pulled in the name of science, but they're pretty nifty.

Awesome, awesome photos of Eyjafjallajökull and ash and lightening.

Relatedly, Wondering how to pronounce that? I love languagelog.

Also. CIRCULAR polarization! Physics is cool.

Taking Choose Your Own Adventure to the next level, as it were.

This made me smile. I want to see the stars anywhere.

This site does MATH on ALL STUFF. It's one of those eat!hours places. (Thanks, Rocky.)

All my joy... This is about "Greensleeves." !

Light: it has been tied in knots. The world is pretty awesome in a lot of different ways, you know?

I think I've posted this before, but I enjoy it, especially:
It’s one thing to go outside on a crisp, clear night and marvel at a sky full of stars. It’s another to marvel not only at the spectacle but to recognize that those stars are the result of exceedingly ordered conditions 13.7 billion years ago at the moment of the Big Bang. It’s another still to understand how those stars act as nuclear furnaces that supply the universe with carbon, oxygen and nitrogen, the raw material of life as we know it.

A blog about food in Asia - imperfect; but definitely pretty interesting pictures.

Gregorians: we need to do this. *cough* for Partycakes

Software Projects as Rock Climbing. And slowly, I learn about this stuff... sometimes I think the most interesting part, besides the manipulating language and machines creatively to make things happen - is how people work together doing it. Maybe more so, even.

I have a lot of thoughts on beginning to learn about programming - and I"m not heavily endorsing this link or the metaphor to which it leads. But it is interesting, I think.

Christopher Manning's LaTex Page - mostly, this is for people who probably won't see this; I found this while wandering the internet during compling, and I immediately thought of a couple people. Interesting, though.

Awesome discoveries in paleontology: like this one, wherein there is a tiny armored mammal.

About the 2010 Burmese elections.

From Time, Being Gay in Uganda: One Couple's Story.
To be gay in Uganda is to be hopeful, always, that things will get better.

And finally (for the moment), camouflaging an airplane factory.

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And endless work, and piled piled deadlines, and misunderstandings and complication and endless, endless things to do, and resulting PANIC, and a lot of kindness, and even more fantastic enthusiasm about languages and learning and how the world works; science and electronics and computers and language (did I mention), and college, and lack of school, and learning anyway, and travel, and false dichotomies in Real Life, and paleontology and friendships and people and ways of thinking and dressing and writing and doing. And food, that too.

Laughter, and silliness, and quotes, and creepy but entertaining roommate relationships, and teasing, and indecision that can be shared, and clear nights, sudden conversations, coincidence or whatever you call it, and deserved awards and gestured understanding and burnt spaghetti and awesome teams and missing people and maybe in a few weeks everything will be easier again (ha ha ha) and I got the point off but I was right and that is something, and one deadline was moved a couple days and I am going to learn to make things like I've wanted to for ages and I still have time and I've never had so much to do but I'm certainly not dead yet.

I paid my deposit: I'm going to China.


"My people...are awesome."

Yeah, you said it, Alex.
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Or, a very happy, if slightly belated, Ada Lovelace Day.*

For now, though -

I'd like to note that I live in a house where a fairly random sampling of five people who were in the dining room around 11 pm all noticed during the approximate hour and a half this past afternoon when Wikipedia was down, and at least one of them knew why.


Oh, my. Irony in spades. Oh, man, despite things that suck; the world is awesome.

* I really have quite a lot to say; a post formulated but incomplete; a lot of other things. Another year, it seems, I will have to catch up - except this time, I do plan to do exactly that.
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17 March 2010 @ 03:52 pm
MY PROGRAMMING PROFESSOR: So I asked them why they used stringstream [for Project 3 output], and they said, 'Because it was cool!' ... Jumping through fiery hoops to use stringstreams - why would anybody think this is cool?

Now here is my question, programming efficiency and good choices aside: Since when is being able to jump through fiery hoops not cool?
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Here, the past few days have included a lot of intermittent oddity, and interest, and immediate-type very good things, really. I'm working, and so on. Someone just walked into the dining room where I'm sitting and told me he was accepted to a grad school; before that, there were stories shared about crazy programming languages and crazier professors; awesome people; in turn before that, delicious bean burgers and farmers' pie and coffeecake and barley. Experiment plans and books and the caffeine-in-delicious-form that is probably at fault for how my head feels - !

Stuff like this.

This is not the case most of everywhere.

And it's not just an earthquake - but it is that, too. Disappearing under other news stories means little but exactly that: that the news media is moving on, and much of it has not done a fantastic job in the first place. Even aside from that issue, most of the coverage we see is from Port-Au-Prince - the capital of, one city in, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. The effect of this natural disaster is very likely generational; it is deep and layered and largely devastating;

Read this:

From tsubaki_ny: To be Haitian should never be a thing to be ashamed of. There is no justice in that.

Places at which you can donate to reliable organizations:

Partners in Health
Doctors Without Borders
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22 January 2010 @ 03:33 am
will you follow me past the falls?Collapse )
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05 August 2009 @ 01:24 am
I think I need this. D:

Fourth grade intensity, and sunny days on plastic-coated-chain picnic tables and not yet sticky and hurrying to catch up, and now Ellen Kushner's post, and...oh, yes, someday in the future. Probably pretty definitely in the future, though. That's not cheap. However.

Did any of you read John Bellairs when you were younger (or older!)?

I did.Collapse )

I want to find these again. As well as this other stuff, which I hadn't known existed until ten minutes ago.

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Justine Larbalestier is really, really fantastic.

Proper post, and more proper links with them, sometime in the nearish future.
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